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Workplace Drama

Hello Briellas,

Please help! My name is Lily and I need your help. The atmosphere at my workplace is becoming more and more unbearable. I work for a small business. At first, the job was really exciting, and I was learning new things. Everything was awesome; and even after, the newness and the excitement passed, it was still a very good place to work, and I really enjoyed working for my boss whose name is Loana.

A few months ago however, Loana brought in one of her friends to work in the office. The workplace has become a really nasty environment since then, and it is only getting worse by the minute. The friend, whose name is Melissa, is very moody, and makes everybody uncomfortable. Melissa does not follow up on her assignments, and she never takes responsibility when she does something wrong. When an error does occur because of her, Melissa always finds a way to lie about it or flip the responsibility on another person.

At this point, everyone in the office avoids communicating anything to Melissa verbally. To have proof, everything needs to be sent in a written format. Otherwise, she just denied ever receiving the information. There isn't any cordiality anymore in the office. 

I have talked to my boss, Loana, about this situation, and about her friend's behavior. Loana says that she is aware of how difficult, it can be to work with Melissa, but is not really addressing the situation.  Lately, Loana has been making vague remarks at time to address the situation. For instance she will say out loud something like: " WE don't follow up on our work anymore". Clearly that is an allusion to Melissa's behavior, but Loana does not directly address the issue with Melissa.

I am currently looking for a new position, however in the meantime I would like to have your suggestions regarding how, I should handle this whole situation until I find a new job.

By the way Atelier Briella, I want to bring some colors ( some pink) into my living room. Could you please suggest some pillows for me? I am looking for colorful and fun pillows.


Lily who loves your boutique.


Hi Lily,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are very sorry to hear about your difficulties at work. Dear readers, we are waiting to hear your suggestions for Lily's problem. In the meantime Lily, here are some pillows suggestions for you:

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                 Blue accent pillow. Blue butterfly throw pillow

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  • John on


    Your boss must address this situation. Often, in these cases, if nothing is done things just get worse. Your boss seems to be avoiding confronting her friend. You may suggest to have a sit down in the office (your boss, her friend, you, and another employee). In your conversation address the issue with the difficult employee in a calm and professional manner. Make sure she does not feel ganged up on. I think that should be a good starting point.

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