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Race Relations At Work

Jody is a part-time employee at Atelier Briella. The rest of her time, she works at another studio. Let's call that other studio "The Other Studio Here". A little background on Jody: she is black, has a bachelor degree in engineering and a MBA, and is very competent. This story is about what happen to Jody at The Other Studio Here. Lianne (who is caucasian) is the owner of The Other Studio Here. Because of inappropriate use of funds, and lack of proper budgeting, Lianne has found herself in a hip of financially problems. So, one of the solutions that...

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How To Deal With Prejudice And Inappropriate Jokes At Work

We have been talking about work place ethics in our discussion group and Melissa (one of the members) had a story that we thought we should share with you, and have your opinion. Here is Melissa's dilemma: My name is Melissa. One of my colleagues at work is from Asia. Her name is Lee. She is very nice and very competent. In addition to that, her writing skills are much superior to that of many other people in the office.  However, I feel like the boss is always looking for the littlest excuse to bring up anything that Lee does wrong....

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Workplace Drama

Hello Briellas, Please help! My name is Lily and I need your help. The atmosphere at my workplace is becoming more and more unbearable. I work for a small business. At first, the job was really exciting, and I was learning new things. Everything was awesome; and even after, the newness and the excitement passed, it was still a very good place to work, and I really enjoyed working for my boss whose name is Loana. A few months ago however, Loana brought in one of her friends to work in the office. The workplace has become a really nasty environment...

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Do You Appreciate Yourself?

Appreciate Yourself! The designer of this t-shirt had this idea while sitting in a room full of domestic abuse survivors who were living in a shelter. The lesson of the day for these women was for them to share with the group one thing they do regularly for themselves. Most of the women had a very hard time coming up with even one thing they did for themselves. Most of their answers included things they did for their children or for their partners. When the instructor broadened the conversation and included some of the volunteers (all women who were NOT in...

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