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Day To Night Outfits: What to Wear?

To accommodate today's busy life, we have put together a few looks that can easily transition from day to night.

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Le plat de resistance in this look is the pencil skirt. At $35, this skirt is very versatile and can go very easily from day to night. To complete the day outfit, we selected a green self tie blouse sold by Rowme. The designer's canvas tote bag sold by Atelier Briella at only $24.99 is a steal. To switch to the night outfit, we suggest just changing the top, and add a clutch saved from instead of the designer's canvas tote bag. See the full look here.


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For the second outfit, we selected these designer's leggings ($39.95) sold by Atelier Briella. We chose these leggings because the color is dark enough to be appropriate even in a serious and stylish work environment. For the day look, the beautiful canvas tote bag will add great style to the outfit. For the night outfit, switch the canvas bag with a clutch.  For either outfit, make sure that whichever blouse you choose, covers the crouch area. 

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For the third day to night outfit, we selected an Atelier Briella dress as the main outfit. For the day outfit, add a cardigan, wear some black opaque tight, a red tote bag. See the outfit here. For the night outfit, switch into the beautiful red Nordstrom heels (take off the tight) and exchange the canvas tote bag for the red clutch. You may choose to keep the cardigan or not. That will be totally up to you.


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