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Cute Canvas Tote Bags As a Fashion Statement

It has become clear that canvas tote bags are fashion accessories that are here to stay. In fact, more and more designers are now selling their own brand named canvas totes. One of the advantages of these fashion accessories is their affordability. Hence, most people can purchase many of these bags to go with different outfits. Ideal for work or play, Atelier Briella's canvas totes can be used to carry office or classroom work. They can serve as yoga totes, or to carry items for a picnic.

At Atelier Briella, we believe that canvas tote bags can be used to make strong fashion statements, and different tote designs are ideal for different occasions.

We have selected a few cute totes from our store that we think are chic, beautiful, and  affordable. See Atelier Briella's entire tote bags collection here.



How to Choose the Right Canvas Tote Bags For : 

  • The Office

We think that the following canvas totes are excellent to carry office work. These tote bags are stylish but not too flashy. We also stayed with the basic black and white designs. Of course, depending on your work environment and your taste, you may prefer other canvas totes.


  • The Classroom

The totes below are excellent to carry books, laptops and a few other things for the classroom. See more totes here.



  • Play

Ideal for work or play, these totes have fun edgy designs. Shop our entire totes collection now!


Need a few tote bags suggestions? Please don't hesitate to contact us at

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