Fashion Tips: A Perfect Blend Of Comfort And Style

In today's busy life, it can be hard to find outfits that are casual, comfortable, and stylish. We have selected three outfits that satisfy those three criteria


tote bags and women's shirts

This beautiful t-shirt ($29.99) sold by Atelier Briella will look great on a jeans. Style the look with a blazer to stay warm. We selected this beautiful pointy toes flat shoes for elegance, and add the ultimate fashion accessory, this stylish and affordable canvas tote for the final touch to this look.

pencil skirts and totes

If you want to go a more feminine route, this beautiful pencil skirt and the yellow tank top is style, elegance, and affordability. The canvas tote bag sold by Atelier Briella, with a unique and elegant design is a true gem. In the Autumn, we will suggest you wear a black tight under the skirt. See the full look here. 


For the third look, we selected this unique black white t-shirt. The black and green tote bag with the check board design is a classic design that will pop when worn next to this black and white shirt. Here are other canvas totes that we think might also look great with this look.